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VEHLA founder reveals how her eyewear brand went viral overnight


If anyone understands the 2021 TikTok generation, it’s VEHLA founder Georgia Williams. The visionary, who launched the eyewear brand in 2019, along with her husband, has managed to attract young and stylish people everywhere with her cool, casual and sexy designs.

Almost overnight, celebrities and social media stars picked VEHLA as their favorites and launched it into the atmosphere of viral sensation it is in today.

Williams, an active online shopper, started the business after realizing that it was difficult to easily buy well-designed and fairly affordable luxury sunglasses online.

With VEHLA, the founder said that her first priority has always been quality. “Without a quality product, we could not have become a global company selling to over 50 countries,” she said.

Upon launching in Miami in 2019, the team had their first major influencer photoshoot with Jen Cellabos (@endlesslyloveclub). After the campaign, they started to attract the interest of other influencers and celebrity stylists, which eventually resulted in their sunglasses being worn by stars like Bella Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Alessandra Ambrosio. and Emily Ratajkowski.

Traditionally, the eyewear industry has been dominated by Luxottica and Marcolin, but social media and the rise of e-commerce have allowed new companies like VEHLA to compete with these established brands, which at the same time helps to make lower prices.

Williams said social media has surely played a role in turning her business into a benchmark for an entire very picky generation, but she believes VEHLA’s success and growth can be attributed to aesthetics and superior design. of the brand.

Their Olsen sunglasses, available in various colors, have been very popular among the stars, and their Dixie and Phoenix sunglasses, which serve up serious retro vibes, have become a staple among influencers.

Williams sees VEHLA as timeless, classic and vintage-inspired, but so many aspects of the brand make it incredibly relevant to today’s society.

For starters, the brand is so cool that it barely invests in marketing and actually gets most of its customers through word of mouth, according to Williams.

VEHLA is also sometimes that the team doesn’t even have an office.

“We started as a remote business first because we lived in Boston, however, COVID-19 has reinforced our belief that it is a better and more efficient way to work,” said Williams. “On any given day, we’re probably on a video call with one of our team members in Sydney, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Miami or Tel Aviv.”

And then there’s the added bonus that vintage fashion is hot, hot, hot right now, which makes Williams’ designs accidentally trending.

Sexy without trying? So 2021.

Williams said there has been a major shift towards casual wear in the apparel space over the past 18 months, which is also why luxury sunglasses – which embellish even the most look. casual – have become even more essential than they were before.

“Consumers are interested in tracksuits and sportswear that can be worn on a daily basis. For this reason, consumers are looking for accessories that can enhance their look without being too formal,” she said. “We have noticed this demand from our clients and expect it to continue as the fundamental nature of work has changed as more and more people work remotely.”

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