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This exclusive LOUIS XIII red decanter is only available at the club


In the world of premium spirits, it’s not always easy to get the bottle you’re looking for. They can be pre-sold to VIP customers, only available through a lottery or in the case of the new special edition LOUIS XIII Red Decanter, you will only be able to buy a bottle at the best nightclub in your city.

That’s right, only 200 examples of the LOUIS XIII Red Decanter will be bottled and all will be sold exclusively at selected nightclubs around the world. Only one bottle will be available for sale at selected nightclubs per night, ensuring that only a lucky few will be able to experience the ultra-rare cognac, made from grapes grown in Grande Champagne.

While cognac is obviously world class, the decanter that the precious liquid arrives in is just as impressive, especially if you appreciate a well-made glass. The decanter is mouth-blown, entirely made to order by the Saint-Louis crystal factory, known as the oldest glass in France, dating from 1586. Each element of the decanter is handcrafted, from the remarkable stopper and detailed engraving in the deep and enchanting red tint of the glass.

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While a crowded and noisy nightclub might not be the ideal environment to experience the aroma Cognac LOUIS XIII Red Decanter, you won’t be disappointed when you open the bottle. On the nose, you will discover a bouquet of scents including myrrh, honey, dried roses, plum, honeysuckle, as well as the deeply earthy notes of a cigar box, leather, figs and even fruits of the passion.

All things considered, this is about as decadent and exclusive a cognac as you are likely to experience, with LOUIS XIII offers fairly precise statistics on the exclusivity of the bottle. If you are lucky enough to taste the Red Decanter bottle, you will be in the company of 0.0000038361% of the world’s population whose lips experience the same taste.

There is no word on the brand’s pricing on how much a bottle of LOUIS XIII Red Decanter will slow you down, suggesting that the number might have the same number of zeros as the percent statistic offered by the brand. So if you happen to be in the cabin when the The LOUIS XIII Red Carafe is coming, be sure not to miss it.

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