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The 20 best 45th birthday gifts in 2021


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The 45th anniversary is known as the anniversary of the sapphire, which means that both traditional and modern gifts are represented by the gemstone. The classic version of sapphire is a deep, rich blue, like the color of the sea. You don’t have to limit yourself to just gifting sapphire jewelry (although these are welcome). You can also go for the hue and go for something blue – consider a dyed leather travel ensemble or a Dutch oven for the kitchen. Or, you can break with tradition and choose something outside of the theme.

We have put together a range of gift ideas for the direction you want to take. Whether it’s a classic sapphire, something blue, or a totally different gift that doesn’t fit the 45th anniversary mold, we’ve got you covered.

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What to look for in a 45th anniversary gift

The Traditional and Modern gift, sapphire

If you are looking for a gift made especially for this anniversary, you can’t go wrong with sapphires (or something else with a dark blue tint or finish). That being said, personalization is key when it comes to a good birthday gift, so don’t worry if your gift doesn’t match the theme but looks perfect for the recipient. Think about the things your partner loves the most, and give them something they’ll appreciate for years to come. And remember that a heartfelt card or letter does a lot of good, so be sure to include one in your gift exchange.


  • Wedding planner Trista croce of BTS Events said couples should celebrate their birthdays in a way that reflects their relationship. “A fun night to reflect on your wedding day is a great way to go,” she says. “Consider having a nice dinner together, or enjoying a cupcake or dessert that mimics what was served at the wedding. Croce also adds,“ I think reviewing clips or watching photos from the wedding is a good thing to do. for a birthday, as well as reread your wishes to each other. “

  • Croce says couples don’t need to follow birthday themes if they don’t want to. “It’s good to throw away traditions,” she said. “Or anything that puts a party or a couple in a certain box of expectations.”

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Brides collaborator Hillary Hoffower has over six years of writing experience for the wedding industry, spanning everything from bridal fashion trends to wedding decor. She has an eye for design and quality which she takes into consideration when selecting gifts. She prefers to offer sapphire in a delicate jewel.

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