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Smart Eyewear Brand AR INMO Completes Tens of Million Yuan Worth Pre-A Funding Round Led by Matrix Partners

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Shenzhen, china, November 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Smart glasses brand AR INMO has completed the pre-A financing round worth tens of millions of yuan, led by Matrix Partners, followed by Unity Ventures, Junsan Capital and former shareholders. In February, INMO received angel funding from Yilai Investment and 37 Interactive Entertainment. This round of funding will be used for mass production and brand building.

INMO was established in 2020. Its founder Yang Longsheng was the general manager of the wearable division of Coolpad Group. The team now has more than 50 employees and the R&D staff represents 70%. The main employees are all from Huawei, Xiaomi and other cell phone manufacturers who have created many wearable products with shipments in tens of millions of units.

INMO Air —— the first mass-produced consumer AR smart glasses

According to the introduction of INMO co-founder and CMO Lu Yifei, the company is committed to creating “AR glasses for everyday use”. Focusing on the “everyday use” concept, INMO has pioneered the category of wireless AR smart glasses, a whole new technological path, and its INMO Air product will be officially mass-produced and released for sale upon completion. of the year.

INMO Air is the pioneer in the category of wireless AR smart glasses which can be used without a cell phone, supports independent computing and has a frequency of up to 2.0 GHz. Its weight is less than 80g, which is equivalent to ordinary sunglasses. It can be used continuously for 4 hours or standby for 72 hours, which can meet the needs of daily wearing. Meanwhile, based on optical waveguide technology, INMO is partnering with suppliers to renovate its optical display system by developing vertical grating optical waveguide display technology. Compared to the previous side projection display technology, INMO Air is completely clear in the front of the glasses, very close to ordinary glasses in appearance.

It should be mentioned that, co-designed with designers from well-known national fashion brands and combining the popular design aesthetic of the functional trend AERO, the shape of INMO Air is very futuristic and technological. Thus, in addition to its attribute “black technology”, it also has the attribute of an accessory.

According to Lu Yifei, in terms of software, INMO has developed its own IMOS based on the Android system. Its R&D staff has performed in-depth optimization of background management and power consumption optimization, which significantly improves the battery life of the product. At the same time, focusing on the concept of “lightweight” product, INMO has reconstructed the spatial positioning algorithm and target tracking algorithm to ensure that excellent AR display effects can also be achieved with low computing power. At the initial stage of application, INMO Air can be used as a “smart assistant” in work and life, which can implement functions such as memo reminder, dialogue translation and AR navigation, allowing its users to experience the convenience of scene applications such as watching videos anytime and anywhere and snapshots from the first point of view. INMO Air highlights first point of view “non-felt” use, while freeing the hands, allowing its users to get a better experience than cellphones in many everyday scenes.

In that of Lu Yifei view, the very difficulty of mainstream AR glasses has always been balancing power consumption and performance. INMO has always insisted on its own path of producing affordable and useful AR glasses. The official price of 2,999 yuan also shows the sincerity of the manufacturer.

Position yourself as a tech fashion brand, explore unlimited life

AR smart glasses are undoubtedly one of the necessary tools for people to lead into the “meta universe”. After communicating with INMO, I have found that the company has maintained a considerable ‘restraint’ in its thinking and has its own unique understanding of the concept of a ‘meta universe’, which is reflected not only in its products, but also in its own. its brand image.

The newly upgraded INMO brand slogan: “YOU ARE WHAT YOU SEE”. Lu Yifei mentioned that people today live in a “strong society”, where communication between people is scattered like isolated islands, the relationship is distant, and mutual understanding and trust are lost. However, after thousands of years of a materialistic survival mode, the Internet and the digital revolution have allowed us to return to “spiritual society”. So what kind of life do you want? What is the shape of your life?

INMO’s brand concept is “A Life Unlimited”, advocating a “liquid life”, so as not to impose limits on one’s own life and future.

During interviews with INMO, I discovered that the concept of ‘unlimited’ runs through the brand proposition and corporate branding, and penetrates into the smallest details, from product design to product culture. Mark. The concept of a “meta universe” is that people can create a “parallel world” without being limited by the real world. Compared to the real world we live in today and which has gradually “solidified”, a fluid, irregular, changing parallel world is an oasis to which young creatives aspire. It is also the uncompromising and unwavering choice of the young people of the Z era in the face of the uncertainties of reality.

With continued breakthroughs in core technologies including hardware and software, the AR industry mainstream market is entering an emerging phase. The market lacks innovative AR eyewear brands for mass consumers, especially young consumer groups, and INMO’s goal is to become the leading brand in mainstream AR eyewear. INMO has always focused on the concept of introducing consumer-oriented products and, through its team experience with many mobile phone manufacturers, it will bring mainstream AR glasses to the mass market of the market. ‘a faster and more innovative way.

It is reported that in July this year, INMO Air launched crowdfunding on the foreign platform Indiegogo, and then launched sales on domestic mini-programs, agents and other channels. So far, the number of product orders has exceeded 10,000 units. By the end of this year, INMO Air will be mass-produced and bundled, and launched on national e-commerce platforms, becoming the first mainstream AR smart glasses available to domestic consumers.

“The gradual maturity of modules upstream of the AR industry chain and the massive investment of leading companies in the XR industry chain have become the foundation for the upcoming boom in the consumer AR glasses market. As a veteran of the AR industry, INMO has rich experience in building 0 to 1 consumer AR glasses and mass production. After overcoming technical barriers in software and hardware systems, power consumption control, structural design, etc., she created unique all-in-one AR glasses which are set to become the leader in AR glasses. of consumer quality. Matrix Partner has long been interested in the upstream and downstream side of the XR industry chain. We hope to work with INMO to find more consumer-oriented innovation opportunities under the concept of “meta universe”. “said Zuo Lingye of Matrix Partners.

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