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Nidus Prime and Half-Sentient Caliban are the next Warframe frames


This weekend’s TennoCon 2021 brought many fantastic announcements for Warframe, including the full unveiling of The New War expansion coming later this year. Beyond that, the most exciting announcements were the reveal of the next two warframes coming to the title online in 2021: Nidus Prime and Caliban.

If you didn’t know, developer Digital Extremes has started adding Prime variants of classic warframes – which are the more powerful versions that are typically released once a year. Nidus Prime will be the next warframe to be added this year, which, as the name suggests, is the toughest variant of the Nidus parasite. While Nidus Prime does not yet have a specific release date, the framework will arrive as part of the upcoming Prime Access later this summer.

Digital Extremes describes Nidus Prime as “Orokin’s original vision for the notoriously unkillable Nidus” and will feature “weapons, customizations and more.” That’s about all the developer has revealed about Nidus so far, although Nidus is the only warframe to innately regenerate health, their Prime version should be a tough customer.

Presumably, when Nidus Prime drops into their Warframe Prime Access, like other warframes of this type, it will only appear in-game as a set of blueprints – which players can then assemble in the Foundry. Nidus Prime is an exciting addition, but maybe not as much as a brand new warframe like Caliban.

Caliban will be the next appropriate new warframe added after this month’s Yareli, and is part of Sentient. The team describes them as “entirely destructive”. The only skill they revealed for Caliban is a passive ability to resist damage types when taking hits, which also includes Caliban’s teammates. They will be the 48th warframe to be released and will be released alongside The New War expansion later this year.

The New War is the first next-gen Warframe expansion and will bring many graphical improvements and full cross-save and cross-play capability. This also includes the upcoming mobile version of Warframe, which was also revealed at TennoCon 2021.

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