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Inspiration in East Greenwich offers creativity, fun and … a splash room ?!


Pinspiration is a DIY craft store where you choose from a menu of pre-made craft projects, which you then do yourself in the store. They also offer some unique twists such as a splash room and snack bar (BYOB!

They opened earlier this year in the Clarksboro (Berkeley) section of East Greenwich, NJ, in a new retail development near Cinder Bar and Death of the Fox Brewing in Clarksboro.

Shannon and Paul opened Inspiration earlier in 2020. Although this is a team effort for the couple, Shannon is at the helm of this new location, with Paul providing a lot of help and support on site. .

Pinspiration East Greenwich New Jersey

42Freeway’s Mark had heard of Pinspiration before but didn’t answer the call when they first opened. Well, it turns out Shannon is a huge fan of 42Freeway and she contacted us recently… and Mark is so glad she did!

So I spent a random Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago. No advance noted.

And the place was busy! I expected to see customers and people really having fun with their crafts… but I didn’t expect every table in the front area to have people seated, and as I left later, more in addition to people waiting to enter.

It looks like Shannon and Paul are doing things right with Inspiration! If you haven’t been there yet, you are really missing out!

The craftsmanship is amazing. The splash room is really cool!

But the best part about Pinspiration is that it’s a fun and creative environment for you with your friends and family to do things… together! Imagine spending time at a craft table with you, the kids, and mom (grandma) all working on craft projects; help each other, talk and hopefully laugh!

Plus, it’s giveaway season, and a visit to Inspiration would make a great holiday gift for friends or family! Schedule a visit online, or order gift cards!

Pinspiration supports small groups for the front zone, but it’s probably best to make a reservation (online) or contact them to organize a larger group party!

They even have private spaces for events, bridal showers, kids’ parties, bachelorette parties and more!

Read on to learn more about how craftsmanship works at Pinspiration… and to learn more about splash painting!

Initially, Shannon was busy with a house full of artisans, so it was Paul who gave me the first visit. Thanks Paule! When I chatted with Shannon a bit later, she made me feel a bit like a celebrity! See, I said she was a huge 42Freeway fan! Thank you Shannon and Paul for your warm hospitality!

Readers: Keep reading and scroll down for more about the splash rooms!

Fun, family and friends at a craft table; Pinspiration, East Greenwich NJ

Inspiration: creative pleasure explained!

Well first of all, Pinspiration is not a craft supply store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

Pinspiration is a do-it-yourself craft store where you choose from a predefined list of DIY craft projects, while you’re in the store!

The name of the store is loosely based on the social media site Pinterest, where a key aspect is for people to share (“pin”) their designs, along with instructions on how to complete the project. Well, Pinspiration takes this DIY experience and puts it right in your hands!

Pinspiration East Greenwich achieves this by offering a rotating menu of craft projects to choose from. This allows them to have the “ingredients” at their fingertips and is a great fun and smooth experience for everyone.

Hanging on the walls and shelves of Pinspiration East Greenwich are all projects available to do for this season, and they are also available for browse online.

Projects vary from wall hangings, table decorations (coffee service tray, wine glasses) to candles and more!

They even offer a variety of projects for kids!

As you can imagine, seasonal decor plays an important role in the craft world, and Pinspiration currently offers many seasonal fall items; Crafts on the theme of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The process is very simple… You choose one of the craft items you want to create, Shannon and her team bring you the supplies you need to create it… then the staff give you advice on how to create the craft project!

You leave with a new creative object that you can proudly present at home! (They also make great gifts!)

Pinspiration project wall: from the easiest to the most difficult. You choose the project and all the supplies are there!

I don’t think I would surprise people if I said I don’t know about craft stores like this so I’m not sure if this is a common setup.

I will say however that it seems incredible to me … to have everything at hand

At home I do a lot of projects, from painting to electric painting and jokingly rate projects in advance based on how many trips I think I need to make to Home Depot! “Oh, so you want a new motion detector for the front of the garage … hmm … it’s probably a three-thief project.” ??

So bringing that back to the inspiration… having all the supplies on hand… sounds amazing!

Pinspiration also offers Canvas painting projects! You can choose your own canvas painting project and the staff will guide you. You can schedule this anytime, but you can also create your own “Paint and Sip” event with your friends! See the Party Hall section below.

Selection of painting on canvas Corridor: Pinspiration East Greenwich

Snack bar

At the end of the main craft area is a snack bar where Pinspiration serves… well, drinks and snacks!

Hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate. Sugarcane soda and other beverages.

Charcuterie boards, hummus and pita chips and more.

Sweets and other snacks.

Shannon explains that when she came up with the idea of ​​opening the store to her husband Paul … while he was still very excited for the whole business idea, the deal was made when she told him there would be a snack bar and Paul could design that aspect!

So it adds a lot to a fun experience. It is laid out as an upscale home bar. Several stools in front. Even a television!

Because it’s in New Jersey, they don’t serve alcohol at the bar, but they are BYOB. Well, check with Shannon and the team first!

Pinspiration East Greenwich NJ: Snack Bar Area!

Party / event rooms!

The front of the Pinspiration store is fully glazed, making it a bright and welcoming entrance!

Upon entering you are immediately in the main area of ​​the forward craft which has 6-8 tables, each accommodating 4 people. at the back wall is the snack bar area.

But that’s probably 40% of the store, which continues behind the snack bar.

Directly behind the snack bar is a large party room which, as you would expect, also contains craft tables and many craft projects on display.

This room has doors from the rest of the store and can give you a private yet fun experience for your next party or event.

The Inspiration website listings a variety of party options to give you ideas of fun things to do with family and friends, and that even includes prizes.

The list includes; Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, business / team building, splash night and various theme nights for kids!

Private party / event room at Pinspiration East Greenwich

Splash rooms!

In the back section of Pinspiration East Greenwich are the dedicated Splatter Rooms!

In summary, Splatter Rooms allow you to create your own piece of modern art by splashing, smearing and applying paint to a canvas!

So it sounds like it’s complicated, doesn’t it? Imagine trying this with the kids in the dining room!?!

At Pinspiration, they make the process as easy and clean as possible!

Painters receive protective covers for their clothing and protective glasses!

The walls are painted black (well originally they were) so the paint splatter jumps on you as soon as you walk into the room.

Of course, the goal is to get the painting onto the canvas… but in most of the photos I’ve seen it looks like creative painters can get a lot out of it on their own!

Pinspiration supports a variety of planned sessions… From a Splatter Date for you and your love, to a full Splatter Party!

Breathe Splash Room! Thank you for letting me take your photo! Sorry I missed your names!

Links and location

Pinspiration East Greenwich
141 Berkley Road Suite # 8
Clarksboro, New Jersey, VS 08020


Yes they do walks, but you can book a online time… Which, if you are planning a party or a larger event, you should definitely reserve the place!

The location is about 1/4 mile from the original Cinder Bar in Clarksboro NJ. Very easy to reach from Rt 295… exit 295 is only 800 meters away.

Coming from the east, the Hollywood Cafe on Rt 45 is just 9 minutes away, and it’s about 15 minutes to the Seven Star Diner at the Five Points intersection.

East Greenwich Facebook

Geenwich East Website

Cozy craft corner at Pinspiration East Greenwich NJ