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Enthusiastic shoppers get to see the interior of the city’s new discount store for the first time


Crowds flocked for the opening of a new discount store in Worcester High Street.

Sometimes people were forced to wait outside of lunchtime to enter The High Street Pound Shop due to the number of shoppers looking for a bargain.

Kal Singh, the owner of the business, told us they were “very busy” as people got to see the interior for the first time on the first Saturday since opening.

An opening slated for September had to be pushed back, with the owner telling us that fuel shortages, truck driver shortages and Brexit meant that stock issues had contributed to a delayed opening.

But buyers weren’t disappointed with the choice available when the store finally opened yesterday (Friday).

The shop sells typical bargain store items including food and drink, cards, toys, pet food, and craft items – each item priced at 1.1 , 50 or 2 £.

Mr Singh, who already owns five Pound stores across the county, said the store currently employs five people.

Pound Shop has filled the vacant downtown unit, left empty for nearly three years after the HMV music channel closed in 2019.

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Meanwhile, we recently reported that rivals Poundland have had to apologize to customers for the continued closure of its Broad Street store as it’s unclear when it will reopen again.

That store closed earlier this year as work on the building’s exterior on Broad Street began, and has remained closed ever since.

A spokesperson for Poundland said: “We know this is disappointing for our customers, but as soon as we have a reopening date we will let you know.”

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